Parking News at Withington Community Hospital

Parking News at Withington Community Hospital

After a recent, and very dramatic hike in parking prices, at the Withington Comunity Hopsital, we are delighted to help spread the word that UHSM have agreed to REDUCE parking charges in the car park at key times.

Charges had been increased to £10.00 for over five hours and it was felt that this charge would actively discourage visitors to West Didsbury and to the monthly Makers' Market, from using the car park and potentially use residential side roads, therefore exacerbating the parking issue in the area.

Our local councillors and MP were contacted and they have been working with the UHSM Estates' Director in order to reach a favourable outcome and we can now let you know that the hospital has agreed, that from Monday 1st February 2016, there will be a single flat-rate fee of £2.00 per stay between 6.00pm and 6.00am during the week and all day on Saturday and Sunday.

The hospital will shortly be putting up signs to advise of the new charges and will also issue flyers to local businesses to advertise the reduced rates. Whilst this won't eliminate the parking issue on Burton Road entirely, it will remove a lot of pressure and is hopefully a step in the right direction.

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