The Launch of The Didsbury Business Games 2017

The Launch of The Didsbury Business Games 2017

A group of local businesses in Didsbury have been working on a plan to bring some fun, fitness and the business community together to raise money for The Christie.

The Didsbury Business Games is due to start on Wednesday 10th May 2017 and then run for six events over an eight week period. Five founder companies have been working behind the scenes to get the show on the road and are now ready to invite companies from across Didsbury to take part.

The Waterside Hotel and Leisure Club, Towers Business Park, Ten Pin, Parrs Wood School and Food Sorcery have been working in partnership since early January.

Jamie Lyne, MD at Waterside, said, “I was inspired by some other parts of the UK that have held similar events and thought why not do it here in Didsbury? Once we all decided on the charity we wanted to support it was all systems go.”

Jen Bailey from The Christie has been involved with helping Didsbury Business Games co-ordinate the event to generate some extra funds for the charity. Jen commented: “When we were approached by the founders of the event to be the chosen charity we were thrilled. As a charity we are always looking for ways to raise money as we are continually working to improve the patients’ experience. The extra money we raise enables us to support our patients above and beyond what the NHS is able to provide and means that we can attract world class clinicians and scientists who all work to benefit our patients. It’s a very exciting event to be involved in.”

The Didsbury Business Games will stretch teams mentally and physically with events such as 10 pin bowling, a cooking contest, table tennis, dodge ball, very muddy assault course, soft ball and a back to school quiz night.

Matthew Milroy, Asset Manager at Kennedy Wilson Europe (KWE) who is also backing the games said, "At Towers Business Park in Didsbury, we are big believers in teamwork and exercise. That’s why we are so proud to be sponsoring the Didsbury Business Games. We already provide fitness classes, CSR activities with other local charity partners and health based events to all of our tenants and we believe the Didsbury Business Games fit in with that perfectly. May the best team win!"

Each founder has also entered a team so there are already four companies registered, but the Didsbury Business Games is looking out for more. If you are a company registered in Didsbury and would like to take part, you can visit to sign up. Even if you don’t want to take part you can check out the website and look at fundraising events you can hold at work throughout the duration of Didsbury Business Games, to support your colleagues and increase the fundraising total which will all be donated to The Christie charity, specifically Teenage and Youth Adult Unit, a specialist cancer centre for children, teens and young adults.

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