Sweet Victory Products - Confectionary Without the Guilt!

Sweet Victory Products - Confectionary Without the Guilt!


Until 31st January 2017, customers placing orders, will receive a complimentary 100g bag of Sugar Free Gummy Sweets Pick and Mix. When ordering, please use the code DIDSBURYLIFE100. Offer can only be used once per customer. https://www.sweetvictoryproducts.co.uk


Sweet Victory Products Ltd is a South Manchester based online company, whose aim is to source and supply those quite hard-to-find sugar free, but tasty, products.

Amid growing concerns about the dangers of processed sugar in our diets and the risk that sugar poses with regards to obesity, diabetes and its detrimental effects on our teeth, as well as causing hyperactivity in children (especially in those children living with Attention Deficit Hyper-Activity and/or with Autism), the founder of the company saw the need to supply consumers with sugar-free products. It can be difficult for the average consumer to source such products as most supermarket chains and small outlets stock either a limited range of sugar-free sweets and confectionary - or nothing at all. However, in today’s health conscious society more and more people are opting for sugar-free.

The good news today is that many of the popular types of sweets have sugar-free varieties including boiled sweets, caramels, chocolates, liquorice as well as a variety of biscuits and cookies. Alongside products that are either sugar-free or with no added sugar, it also is the company’s aim to supply consumers with products that are gluten and dairy free.

However, sugar-free does not have to be sweetness-free, and it is the company’s aim to help as many people as possible to change their relationship from high sugar to sugar-free, healthier alternatives - without feeling they are missing out on treats.

Sweet Victory Products offer an extensive range of goodies including sugar free pick and mix gift selection boxes, sugar free hampers, loose leaf teas, cookies - amd many others. Please visit the website to view the full range of products - https://www.sweetvictoryproducts.co.uk

Online ordering means you can browse at your leisure and have your goodies delivered to your door. The company is currently offering free UK delivery on orders over £25.00, until 31/12/16. In the event of an order not being quite correct, the company have a full refund policy on the website, too - https://www.sweetvictoryproducts.co.uk/refund-policy

CONTACT DETAILS - https://www.sweetvictoryproducts.co.uk/contact-us

Address : 59 Donnington Avenue, Cheadle SK8 2DL

Telephone : 07784 451322

Website : https://www.sweetvictoryproducts.co.uk

Twitter : https://twitter.com/sweetvictorypro

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/sweetvictoryproductsltd

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