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A revolutionary new fitness bootcamp in the South Manchester area, Evo Camp is your whole fitness fix. We offer the highest quality of personal training at a fraction of the cost through our bootcamp sessions. We provide the motivation and structure that you’re missing at the gym with an initial consultation, a nutrition and fitness plan and refocus sessions every 8 weeks.

Our monthly membership gives you access to all Evo Camp and Evo Run sessions each week so you can choose the ones to suit your schedule:

* Monday – 11.30am & 7.00pm
* Wednesday – 11.30am, 6.00pm & 7.00pm
* Friday – 11.30am & 7.00pm
* Sunday – 6.00pm (Evo Run) & 7.00pm.

Each session is an hour long approx. We use an indoor venue so we can provide great sessions all year around - Didsbury United Reformed Church, Corner of Palatine Road and Parkfield Road South, Didsbury, Manchester M20 6DA


Month to Month Full Single Membership at Evo Camp Didsbury – £45.00(Unlimited access to all Evo Camp and Evo Run sessions) // Month to Month “Off Peak” Single Membership – £29.00 per month (Access to all daytime and Sunday sessions). £6.00 per session, which is payable at the individual class.


Small Group Personal Training groups are capped at 4 people to maximise your results. The sessions take place in a brand new private studio which is complete with state of the art equipment. Due to the smaller numbers, new styles of training, not currently used in other group sessions - Evo Camp and Evo Lift - are in place. Small Group Personal training will be the meeting point between Evo Camp and one to one personal training. You will get lots a benefits of one to one training including monthly measurements (optional) and nutritional guidance.

Small Group Training could be perfect for you if you want to add extra high quality sessions to your current one to one personal training or want to take your training up a level alongside Evo Camp. Even if you are not currently a member with EvoCamp, it’s a great place to start if you want to get trained by the best coaches in your area at a fraction of the cost. You can expect fun, effective and efficient training from proven coaches.

One Small Group Personal training session a week – £59 a month

Two Small Group Personal training sessions a week – £99 a month

New members will receive a free consultation and goal setting session as well as a free gift. Click here to join up -


Evo Lift is the new brainchild of Joshua Paul Fitness. Evo Lift is a weekly group personal training service which will be aimed primarily at strength building. It will be very different to other services we currently offer as it will be a mainly based around big compound exercises using Olympic level weights such as deadlifts, squats, bench press, chin ups as well as many others. The goal of Evo Lift is to bring together a group of likeminded individuals, no matter what their starting fitness level, give them coaching from top coaches (including the founder of Joshua Paul Fitness) using high standard equipment. With Evo Lift we have created a results based environment where we will ensure we catapult you to the strongest, fittest and healthiest version of yourself you have ever been.

Why Evo Lift?

If you’re primary goal is to be stronger and change your body shape, Evo Lift is the choice for you. This is a semi personal training service so you will be in a small group with a maximum of 4 Evolifter’s per coach so you will have a session that is tailored toward yourself while keeping the cost below usual one to one personal training rates. No queuing to use equipment like in commercial gyms so you can put all your efforts into reaching personal bests. You will also have the added benefit of regular body fat testing and 24 hour nutritional and supplementation advice to make sure we are leaving nothing to chance. Evo Lift isn’t a long term commitment; you can leave the service at anytime with 30 days notice. You can use Evo lift to complement other training you may already have in your routine such as personal training or Evo Camp.

What do I get?

* A weekly semi personal training session.
* An initial consultation (optional).
* One catch up session each month if you have to miss one.
* Access to the Joshua Paul Fitness online community.
*Discounts on Personal training and Evo Camp membership.
* Discounts on fast growing protein supplement Evo Whey.
* A maximum of 4 Evolifters to a coach.
* Access to the latest and best equipment.
* A small results focussed group of 2-8 people.
* 24 hour nutritional and supplementation advice.

When is it?

Mondays 8.00pm (Group 1) // Wednesdays 8.00pm (Group 2). Each session is an hour long approx.

Where is it?

We use an indoor venue so we can provide great sessions all year around. Didsbury United Reformed Church, Corner of Palatine Road and Parkfield Road South, Didsbury, Manchester M20 6DA


Month to month full single membership – £49.00 with discount available for members of Evo Camp or Personal training. Click here to join -


EvoRun, is a running club aimed at beginners and intermediates, available on a monthly membership which will give you access to two runs a week as well as a monthly cardio conditioning session which will help your running. This will include fitness tests, sprint training and other forms of conditioning.

Beginning on TUESDAY 1st AUGUST 2015, classes will take place on Sundays at 6.00pm and Tuesdays at 8.00pm, with both sessions lasting approximately 45 mins. The meeting point will be the Didsbury United Reformed Church. The monthly cardio conditioning sessions will take place the first Saturday of each month at 11.00am lasting approx 45 mins. This session will take place at Marie Louise Gardens.

Click here to sign up to EvoRun -

Joshua Paul Fitness provides high quality personal training in Didsbury and are the founders of Didsbury’s premier fitness bootcamp – Evo Camp.

Joshua Paul Fitness’ way of training is like nothing you will have tried before. They work with clients who are already in shape, taking them to their peak physical condition, whilst also transforming clients who were previously discouraged with exercise, to having the body they have always wanted.

Joshua Paul Fitness’ brand of training has been created by head instructor Josh from his own tried and tested methods. It combines strength and conditioning, circuits, and a touch of mixed martial arts from his personal experience. They have found that their way of training is very efficient and effective, as the variety keeps people more motivated than before.


All personal training sessions are taken by head instructor Josh, an experienced trainer who has created his own effective way of training. He is a skilled motivator, who manages to bring out the best in all of his clients. He gets most of his clients through referrals and there is a reason for that.

He likes to keep things quite minimalistic by using his own tried and tested methods to get the best for his clients. A typical routine can range from the pad work found in kickboxing to circuit training. He can also work you in a particular type of training if that is what you’d prefer. Josh’s previous experience in the supplement industry allows him to also help you with your diet and recommend any supplements if necessary.

You may be assigned with another of the trainers depending on your goals and preferred training time. All trainers follow the same philosophy. Sessions can take place either at our indoor training space (depending in time), a park local to yourself or at your home, whichever your prefer.

Personal Training Prices

* Direct Debit Package : 4 sessions a month – £120.00
* Non Direct Debit Packages :5 sessions – £175.00 // 10 sessions - £299.00 // 20 sessions – £500.00
* Train exclusively with the founder of Joshua Paul Fitness (subject to availability) : 4 sessions a month – £160.00

All direct debit session packages are to be paid by direct debit. You can end your personal training package at any time with 30 days notice. Sessions must be completed within that month. On Non direct debit packages all sessions paid for in advance must be completed within a six month period. Refunds aren’t available on any package.

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