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Laveer Legal provides high quality and easily accessible legal services, employment law & HR services for businesses, the workplace and HR professionals.

Laveer Legal want businesses to have the access to the employment law solicitors, without being put off by cost. The combination of a high level of legal service and the means through which the company provides it, will significantly reduce the amount of employees taking you to tribunal.

How Will Services From Laveer Legal Benefit You?

* You will be assigned your own legal consultant to whom you will have unlimited access as and when you require.
* You will have unlimited employment law & HR advice and any necessary documentation from employment experts who will be actively representing clients in tribuna, and so witnessing case law being decided first-hand, with this knowledge being dispensed to you as our client.
* Regular employment law updates.
* Large discounts on other legal services you would use in any event such as training, tribunal representation and any in-house projects, such as conducting a complex disciplinary or redundancy on your behalf.

How Does Laveer Legal Make Employment Law More Accessible For You & Your Business?

First, Laveer Legal employs solicitors and barristers who specialise in employment law. This gives clients the expertise they deserve to advise them and their business, giving them the peace of mind to sleep at night, without the associated fees of having an in-house solicitor.

They provide all clients with fixed fees on almost any aspect of legal work they are instructed to undertake, providing you with the confidence that you are never going to receive any nasty surprises that you weren’t expecting. Their pledge to you is that they will always be transparent with their pricing structure. Their prices for legal services will apply to you regardless of the size of your business and the only variation on costs will be on their Helpdesk Service which will be based on the number of employees you have – not turnover.

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