202 Burton Road
West Didsbury

Opening Hours: Monday -Thursday 5.00pm - 10.30pm || Friday 5.00pm – 11.00pm || Saturday 12.00pm (lunch time) – 11.00pm || Sunday 12.00pm (lunch time) – 9:30 pm


A weekend lunchtime from Pomegranate Restaurant is now available every Saturday and Sunday 12 noon - 5.00pm, featuring a lighter day time selection, the prices are either individually per meal or an option of two courses for £12.95.

New Pomegranate lunch menu


A Persian style tapas menu is also available every day from 5pm - 7pm, the offer being any three mezze dishes with a basket of naan bread or a portion of rice for £12.95 per person.

New Pomegranate mezze menu

Pomegranate Restaurant on Burton Road, West Didsbury specialises in home cooked Persian cuisine. Here are a few words from owner Sia about his background and what led him to Pomegranate :

"I came to the UK to study in late 1970s. I have lived in North Wales, Wolverhampton, Manchester and Stockport. I studied Mechanical Engineering and then Economics and Social Studies and have a MA in Middle eastern studies. I have worked at Manchester University teaching the Persian language and literature whilst studying history.

My passions are FOOD, football, chess, reading, music, Indian head massage (I have a diploma in Indian head massage - I used to suffer from migraine) and movies. Previously, I have worked in restaurants and coffee shops, both as owner operator and chef.

I have a holistic approach to life and believe things are connected to each other and influence each other. I believe what we do and how we do things is representative of our way of life which in turn has the most influence on our culture.

For me food is not just sustenance but also our history and the story of our past. It connects us to our roots and helps us to feel we are be part of our future. It also connects the present. All of us from any given culture have many things in common and food is an essential ingredient of our connections. We all have to eat but there is more to it than that. We influence each other and alter one another by food. Food always has been important for families, gathering around each other, enjoying the occasion and each other while we eat and drink.

A restaurant is our temporary home for the night. Good food, a friendly and warm atmosphere, enjoying our families and friends' company - and no cooking or washing up after!

Luckily I enjoy cooking. It relaxes me. Working with fresh ingredients and merging them to one harmonious entity that others enjoy, makes me feel like an artist without a paint brush

Pomegranate, West Didsbury

Pomegranate, West Didsbury

Pomegranate Restauarnt also carries a varied beer menu, so if you fancy a change from wine with your meal, you could try one of these...

Beer Lao - 330ml, lager, 5%. A rice beer with a crisp but smooth finish. “Best Asian Beer” TIME MAGAZINE

Peroni - 330ml, Italian lager, 5.1%. Refreshing, crisp and lively Italian cult lager

Brooklyn - 355ml, American amber lager, 5,2%. Famous for Brooklyn brewery`s refreshing and innovative style lager

Vedett - 330ml, Belgian pale lager, 5,2%. A premium beer is seen as “the cult beer from Belgium”

Erdinger - 330ml, German wheat beer 5,2%. An outstanding beer from heart of Bavaria

Flensburger - 330ml, German, 4,8%. An elegant, fresh and full bodied pilsner. Germany`s most northern border lager

Craft Cider - 500ml, British, 5%. South West Orchards Original Craft Cider made from west country apples

Fruli - 330ml, Belgian, 4,1%. Quality strawberry fruit beer, produced at a 300 year old craft brewery in Belgium

Westmalle - 339ml, Belgian, 7%. A dark redish brown beer with creamy head An exceptional dark beer

Pomegranate in brief: persian cuisine • home cooked specialities • weekly set menu • early evening offers