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"I've been part of Didsbury Life for about 4-5 years now and it has been a valuable resource for all my company's services from Personal Training to Group Fitness Camp to Online Programs. Whenever I have a new service to launch or promotion to do locally, Didsbury Life and Helen are one of my first port of calls. Each time I have done, Didsbury Life has been extremely effective in distributing my message across the community and in doing so helped significantly increase my followings, lists and sales. I have also noticed that I get a lot of traffic as a result of people coming from my set of web pages on Didsbury Life and then over to my blog, PT and other websites. I am both very satisfied and happy to be a big part of Didsbury and Didsbury Life and see a lot more potential to come working with Helen and Pete in the future."

Mike Bach
The Body Planner


"Didsbury Life has been invaluable to us over the years, providing support and advice, and promoting all things Met. They are the font of all Didsbury knowledge. Always available for updates and information regarding the local community, they keep us up to date with what’s going on! Helen & Pete are clearly passionate about Didsbury and work hard to bring local people together. And they are the quickest emailers/tweeters in the West!"

Mel Holmes
The Metropolitan


"Helen at Didsbury/Chorltonlife was one of the first people we contacted when we set up May Wild Ceramics and were researching marketing ideas. She was immediately helpful and full of great advice, especially regards social media, an area we were very new too. We have found that not only do they create a professional marketing service for you, including great presentation of your business on their websites, they are also consistently supportive and reassuring in promoting your business, providing contacts and collaboration advice and offering a guiding hand. They are also very knowledgeable of their local community and independents and full of ideas for growing your business. A great asset, thank you."

Rebecca May
May Wild Ceramics


"Helen and Pete at Didsbury Life are a fantastic team to work with. They are proactive, positive and innovative in their work and have their fingers on the pulse of everything that is happening locally. Not only is Didsbury Life a great way of promoting your own business or service it also connects local businesses with one another, creating a strong and vibrant local community."

Kate Goodman
Reserve Wines


"I opened The Violet Hour last May so have been trading on Burton Road for almost 12 months now. I’ve worked with Helen & Pete for all of that time and have found them brilliant in supporting my business and really getting the word out to West Didsbury and beyond about what The Violet Hour is doing. In an area like this I think the work they do with local businesses is really important, furthermore for me the highlight of our first year on the street was WestFest last August…an event that couldn’t happen without them. The last thing to say is that they’re truly top people!"

Dan Pollard
The Violet Hour


"Frog Furniture has now been on Burton Rd for nearly four years. As my first business venture on my own, and being some one who considers themselves to be "computer phobic", I cannot put into words how valuable the input from Didsbury Life has been. When I left school, computers were just being installed, so I have had limited knowledge of just how websites, social media, and the internet as a whole worked. Helen and Pete have so encouraged me and taught me the skills and ways to use these tools so as to best enhance the future development of Frog. Not only this, but just their interest and dedication to businesses in the area, such as the "Westfest" weekend etc is such a positive factor on this whole area. I will be forever grateful to these folks. Cheers for all the hard work, and long may it last!"

Gareth Wethers
Frog Furniture


"Here at Pomegranate Restaurant, we value Helen and Pete's work highly. Their friendly and expert opinion is always helpful and reassuring. Being part of Didsbury Life helps being and feeling as part of the community, up to date with latest news and events and help us plan ahead which is very important for business strategy. Thank you Helen and Pete."

Sia & Debra
Pomegranate Restaurant


"Didsbury Life has been a great support to Little Amigos Language Club, really appreciating the value of small local business and what we can bring to the community. In particular they have the ability to be really reactive and get information out real time through use of social media and their fabulous website. Thanks for your help Didsbury Life, we look forward to working with you in future... Muchas gracias."

Nicola Emmett
Little Amigos Language Club


"We are new members to the Didsbury Life community, and have been working with Helen over the past few weeks to help us promote our decorating business. We have found Helen to be very supportive, offering advice to best promote our business with enviable marketing skills. We would not hesitate to recommend working with Didsbury Life to help highlight your business.."

Ian & Lesley Ball
Ian Ball Decorating Services


"Here at Thyme Out Deli, we’ve worked with Didsbury Life for a number of years. As well as promoting and supporting our business through the website, they are also really focused in terms of social media & are always pro-active in spreading the word for us. Whether it’s a job we want to advertise, informing people about changes at the deli, finding a good decorator, or someone to bounce ideas off, Didsbury Life ticks the boxes. They don’t just “list” my business, they really help me to promote it. And they have a real passion for supporting local, independents – as well as galvanising us all for WestFest every year, they are frequent visitors to Thyme Out!"."

Ben Hayes
Thyme Out Delicatessen


"It's always a pleasure to work with Helen and Pete. Not only do they support local independent businesses, they are also properly immersed in community life in South Manchester and are really positive about events and activities going on. They are always eager to help spread the word about the annual Chorlton Arts Festival and they have been fundamental in promoting social enterprise Cracking Good Food, which runs cookery classes and workshops to encourage people from all walks of life to learn the skills they need to create tasty, healthy meals from scratch"

Clare Conlon
Chorlton Arts Festival & Cracking Good Food


"Opening a new independent shop is hard enough at the best of times and even harder during an economic slump. The fact that pop up shop Handmade Local made a fleeting but successful appearance for the first time meant that promotion and publicity was key. I am so grateful to Helen at Didsbury Life for her enthusiasm in promoting and tweeting our small business. We needed instant publicity for the five weeks that we were on the high street and Didsbury Life gave us exactly that. Just what an indie business needs."

Amanda Robins
Handmade Local Pop Up Shop


"Before I launched The Social Butterfly back in 2011, I used Didsbury Life's creative portal to find out what was happening in my local area. The content on their site was fresh, informative and offered fantastic social activities to take part in every day of the week! As a small, independent company, I don't have a big marketing budget so I needed a friendly, interactive service that would help me to connect with alike businesses and local customers in the South Manchester area. Two years on, Didsbury Life and We Are Life are still helping me to reach my target audience through my bespoke profile that is cross promoted on the various Life sites and also through social media support. The service they provide really is value for money and is a fantastic support network for local, independent businesses."

Rachael Adams
The Social Butterfly


"Since signing up with Didsbury Life we have found them to be a very positive influence. This was particularly useful to us as a new restaurant starting up in West Didsbury.Their help in amplifying our own PR, as well as hosting online competitions and event write ups, has been invaluable. Their network of contacts, friends and other businesses is very impressive. Just by re-tweeting us on Twitter they multiply the amount of people we can reach. Working with them has been fun and effective, especially during large events such as WestFest."

Bill & Emma
The Rose Garden


"We are fast approaching our first birthday and wouldn't have got here without the valuable help of Didsbury Life. When you're a small business and a one man band, to have a support function to turn to for help with all aspects of PR, Marketing and Social Media is invaluable. Didsbury Life have established us on the infamous Twitter and been very supportive with marketing events in terms of attending, taking pictures and writing follow up blogs... more importantly making sure people see those blogs and are informed about what's going on at Milly Mog. Didsbury Life have always encouraged fellow businesses within the area to work together and that's something we've really enjoyed here, it's nice to have someone pulling the business community together."

Emma Matthews
Milly Mog


"We love working with Didsbury Life. Cavendish Primary School is located in the heart of West Didsbury, we're a community school in the fullest sense, and it's been fantastic to be able to forge such strong links with local communities and businesses. Didsbury Life was instrumental in the promotion of CavFest, the school based music festival which raised £9000 for our PTA funds. We couldn't have launched the project without Helen and Pete's support - they were a key part in what proved to be a hugely enjoyable community event. Didsbury Life keeps us in touch with what's happening locally, and keeps the community in touch with what's going on at school. It's a mutually beneficial relationship and makes sure that our children are at the heart of what goes on in this unique part of Manchester - whether it's singing at the Christmas lights switch on or going to a wedding in The Met!"

Janet Marland
Head teacher, Cavendish Primary School, West Didsbury


"Helen & Pete genuinely care about nurturing independent business. In their capable hands, the future of our local high street is exciting. Working with Didsbury Life over the past near decade has been very rewarding. These people are hard working, inventive, reliable & loyal. Helen & Pete are an "indie's" best friend. You would be foolish not to have them on board."

Emil & Anna
Azzurro Restaurant


"We have been working closely with Helen & Pete at Didsbury Life for over 12 months now and their support and local knowledge has been invaluable for us in our first year of business on Burton Road. From marketing support, to providing us with local collaboration opportunities, Didsbury Life act as an extension to your company and I would highly recommend their service to anyone setting up an independent business in the Didsbury area."

Anna Gill
And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon


"From the moment I met Helen and Pete - when they walked through the gates of Bud in May - I knew that they meant business. Mine and Severine's business! Helen was clutching her camera and she snapped away excitedly whilst chatting to me like I'd known her for years. Their immediate positive reaction to Bud really boosted my confidence, made me realise that we were doing the right thing - had something to be proud of. Within days they had posted an article on The Didsbury Life Blog and as a consequence we have witnessed a steady stream of customers. Since that initial encounter, Helen and Pete have gone out of their way to support us: with novel marketing ideas; via Twitter (THE experts), The Didsbury Life Website and their brilliant blog about all things Didsbury/South Manchester and the independent scene. They have a wide network of friends and associates (most of them recipients of their expertise), and really are at the epicentre of this vibrant, supportive and creative community."

Brenda Smith
Bud Garden Centre


"I wasn't always sure where my business would fit into Didsbury Life - As a wedding photographer I'm not a retail business so don't run sales or promotions of any kind. I already had a website I was more than happy with and I felt I was doing a pretty decent job of networking and meeting other wedding businesses.

Until I met Helen & Pete properly and the first West Didsbury Wedding Event was conceived! From which was born the VERY first West Didsbury Wedding which was created by all of the West Didsbury Wedding businesses (brilliantly organised and driven by Helen & Pete) And since then there hasn't been an idea that's popped into my head that I haven't wanted to chat to them about getting involved in.

They're not just about promoting businesses on their site and social media, they're about actively getting involved in ideas and events. Working together for mutually beneficial reasons and geniunely caring about each and every independent business they know and work with. And to top it all off, they're bloody nice guys as well."

Jonny Draper


"Here at Gusto we have worked with Didsbury Life for a number of years and always found them to be both enthusiastic and supportive. Their vision and creativity have enabled us to successfully promote a number of initiatives which have raised awareness of the Gusto brand. I would certainly recommend working with Didsbury Life if you are looking for friendly, personable advice on how to highlight your business. Helen and Pete clearly have a strong desire for Didsbury to continue to be a vibrant and eclectic community."

Anthea Hassiakos
General Manager, Gusto Didsbury


"When it comes to being part of a community, the team at Life are where it all started for us. We've known Pete and Helen for a while, but this year we had a new challenge in setting up a charity called The Break Out Project.

Building and being part of a community, whether it's for independent businesses or an idea you've got to get something done, is a very personal thing for Pete and Helen. They believe in the power of community and what it can achieve.

Anyhow, from the start the guys at Didsbury Life were excited about what we wanted to achieve and threw their full weight behind us and The Break Out Project, from helping out with brand design, to knowing where to go and who to ask to get things done when it comes to events, and getting the weight of a community behind us.

Didsbury Life is about bringing people together and seeing the magic that can happen when you do. The benefits aren't just for a few people, or just for independent businesses or charities like ours, but for the whole community that live, work and play in Didsbury."

Matt & Dee Brereton-Patel
The Break Out Project


"Didsbury Life has given superb coverage to the Queenston Arthouse events. In the space of nine months, most people in and around Didsbury know who we are here and what we do. It's rare to find people with such enthusiasm and talent for their job as Helen and Pete. They eat, breathe and sleep Didsbury. They find out what's on, doing all the hard work, so the rest of us can just get out there and enjoy it. Every word and every photograph they use seems to capture perfectly the essence of whatever they are promoting. Passionate wonderful people who love life and love Didsbury. Thank you for doing so much for me and for everyone who uses your website as our beautifully reliable Didsbury bible."

Laura Mayall
Queenston Arthouse


"Didsbury Life has supported every stage of the Didsbury Dinners project. From day one, when we were seeking people's recipes for the community cookbook, through to providing useful contacts, and publicising both the book launch and our free 'learn to cook' course. We had a flurry of interest within hours of anything being placed on the site. I can't thank you enough!"

Amanda Woodvine
Editor, Didsbury Dinners: The Low-Carbon Community Cookbook, and
Action for Sustainable Living local project manager for Didsbury


"I first came into contact with Helen and Pete at Didsbury Life when they said very nice things about my blog 'Confessions of an Amateur Photographer' on Twitter. After a hastily arranged meeting it soon emerged that we had many things in common in terms of general outlook on life, love of social media and a desire to celebrate the small and local over the large and commercial. It is only through the patronage of Didsbury Life that I moved from being an enthusiastic amateur photographer to the semi-pro artist that I now like to kid myself I am.

Through connecting with Helen and Pete I have undertaken my first commerical photo shoots and their support also led to my first exhibition during WestFest 2010; But more importantly, as friends, they have helped to build my confidence and make me realise that perhaps I'm not quite as untalented as I thought. I now sell my photography via the Society6 network of artists (http://society6.com/Zardoz67) and I truly believe that without that chance meeting with Didsbury Life this probably wouldn't have happened. Helen and Pete are genuine, warm and supportive and to have them behind you singing your praises, cajoling and sometimes shouting is half the battle."

Mark Nelson
Zardoz Photography


"I first got involved with Didsbury Life when I joined forces with the businesses involved in the Didsbury Wedding Event. I am a small home based business in Didsbury so it is difficult for me to have face in the community. Didsbury Life really helped me with this - for a start by allowing me to be involved and by promoting the alliances I have made from this. They are really passionate about independent businesses and events within the community, which I think is the way forward in this age of big multiples!"

Nicola Wellard
Silver Sixpence In Her Shoe


"The Didsbury Life website is so incredibly useful, I refer to it regularly. Even though I live on Burton Road it's still easy to miss things that are going on and the site ensures that I never do. Plus there is additional stuff like promotions, competitions, new classes etc. that I like to hear about. We're very lucky to have such a comprehensive site for Didsbury, every area should have one!"

Rachel George
Worker, mother, socialiser, resident


"Since choosing to profile The Flower Lounge on Didsbury life I've never looked back! Pete, Helen and the Didsbury Life team are fantastic - very friendly and always approachable. They're always coming up with ways businesses can work together and keeping everybody updated on the latest Didsbury news. Helen is fantastic with her use of social media, with Facebook, Twitter and her blog. She is always on the ball, with up to the minute goings on in Didsbury, what competitions are live and new offers that are on the site.

I would recommend Didsbury Life to anybody who is looking to expand their business and meet like-minded people. I've met so many fantastic people and made some great business contacts through the team. There's a real sense of community - definitely a breath of fresh air!"

Sian Wild
The Flower Lounge


"We joined Didsbury Life after only a few months of opening and thought it may help promoting our presence and location. However, it proved to be our most valuable promotional tool to date. Within the few months that we have worked with Didsbury Life they have promoted and publicised our business in an innovative and interactive way through the site. The best part is that they are always thinking on your behalf! From snappy competitions, homepage specials through to posters, flyers and much more. Helen and Pete's fine efforts and co-ordination of a festival to rival the best of them (think boho farmers market meets Greenman) with WestFest, is just one fine example of their continued hard work and understanding to promote successful and individual business growth in West Didsbury. They are an invaluable resource to any independent retailer in the area as they are so in tune with the common interest."

Sarah & Kate Loader
Silver Apples


"Pete & Helen at Didsbury Life have helped to develop our business immensely over a long period of time. They work very hard to find the unique selling points for each business they deal with and spend lots of time getting to know you and your business inside out.

We have used them on many occasions over the last ten years for all different types of web based business, and every time they have grasped our ideas and helped to move them forward. To put it simply: They deliver the goods... on time... on budget... with value added ideas. They do what it says on the tin and then some.

We’ve recommended them to many people over the years and they have never let anyone down. Even with the most complex of sites they have taken time to understand the concept and delivered the product. These people care about their customers' business and have a real commitment to Didsbury."

Mike & Sam Conley
Conley Hair & Beauty


"Since becoming part of Didsbury Life, my whole outlook of West Didsbury has changed. It has enabled me to become more familiar with the local businesses and has opened up a lot more avenues for me to market my business. Through Didsbury Life I have been introduced to many more people and have been able to take advantage of such amazing contacts, that were actually on my doorstep all along!

Didsbury Life has brought "West" Didsbury to life and the whole area is a much better place to work, live and just be a part of. Thank you!"

Helen Bradley
MacleodBradley Hair Salon


"Being on Didsbury Life has had a real impact on Spirit Hair & Beauty. Finding I.T. a little bit of a minefield, it has been brilliant having the support of Pete and Helen and the rest of the Didsbury Life team. They are very responsive and act quickly if I want to update my profile or promote a special offer or event.

I have noticed that a number of new clients have come to us as a direct result of Spirit being part of the Didsbury community, and I do receive regular enquiries which translate into clients, from the site. I am finding being a part of Didsbury Life is a really effective way of marketing my business."

Evie Taylor
Evie's BeautySpa


"The team at Didsbury Life has not only been helpful and informative, they have also provided me with a large amount of business development ideas and advice. Since I joined the site my business awareness and clientele have grown. Didsbury Life has been with me the whole time, offering valuable input and support. Thank you very much, especially to Helen who has helped make my business come to life."

Claire Jones
Claire Louise Mobile Beauty Therapy


"As a complete technophobe it has been great to work with Pete and Helen! With no baffling computer jargon, we simply discuss my needs and they get it done. Their commitment to the area and promoting local business is just fantastic and I can't thank them enough for the help they have given me."

Matt Johnson
David Gavin Design


"Over the past five years I've benefited hugely from having a business relationship with Pete and the team at didsburylife.com. This has included the initial setting up of a presence for my company on the internet, which has allowed me to reach customers and make contacts to otherwise inaccessible areas of my market right through to the invaluable benefit of everyday IT support and impartial expertise, which I find immensely useful on a regular basis. I continually recommend this website to local businesses and residents and always get positive feedback."

Ben Nixon
Didsbury Window Cleaning Services


"Dealing with Pete and the Life team is no ordinary business encounter. Behind the services provided is a sense that Pete and his colleagues are driven by great values, and that they are truly interested in their local community thriving, socially, culturally and economically. The networking possibilities are exciting. I've enjoyed meeting all the people I've come across through the site, including the journalists and the Didsbury Life 'local heroes' who are all up to something grand, and I am delighted when I can contribute to their endeavours. I now regularly recommend to others to make sure that Life is contacted to energise any creative or business project."

Lawrence Yusupoff
Clinical Psychologist


"When we wanted to promote The Albert Club and expand its membership and activities without depleting its limited funds, as Membership Secretary, I popped into Didsbury Life on Burton Rd. to see what they could do to help me.


I found Helen immediately enthusiastic and responsive. She suggested different ways that the Albert could be represented on the Didsbury Life website and explained the way that the 'Didsbury Life' concept worked. We emailed material back and forth until we had the result we wanted.


As she was keen that the site supported community activity as well as private business, I asked her to also include the details of the West Didsbury Residents' Association and sent her some information. She has offered any assistance she can give with the marketing of a local history booklet the WDRA has just produced.


The Didsbury Life office is very accessible on Burton Rd and the staff are always willing to assist anyone who makes enquiries. I have found the service invaluable."

Pam Siddons
The Albert Club, West Didsbury


"Dulcimer enjoys a great working relationship with Chorlton Life. It was clear from the start that it's the place to go for the most up-to-date information on all things Chorlton. We're constantly adding new events to our listings here at Dulcimer and then there are new guest ales and special offers on a weekly basis so it's great to know if we need to get the word out quickly, Chorlton Life is right on it!"

Oscar Neill




Remember, we’re committed to seeing independent enterprise flourish, and if we can help your business succeed in the same way, we’d be happy to have a chat today on 0161 445 7759.

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